Uganda’s President Yoweri  Museveni has ordered the police chief to withdraw the Field Force Unit from Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) area and instead deploy the General Duties Department.

More than 10,000 officers of the Field Force Unit (FFU), who have been at the forefront of quelling riots and conducting patrols in the city, will be affected. Daily monitor reports

Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura in compliance has instructed the new Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Mr Frank Mwesigwa, to follow through the presidential directive.

Mr Mwesigwa will replace the exiting Field Force Unit with officers he trained at Police Training School Kabalye, Masindi District.

Gen Kayihura said the FFU will be re-equipped to deal with military-like threats and armed violence, especially in the countryside. This according to the Daily Monitor



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