KAMPALA (HAN) August 29.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The Ugandan Ministry of Defence has lost more than 2.4 billion Ugandan shillings (around 711,528 US dollars) over the last 11 years through a suspected “ghost” Russian pilot on its payroll reports The Monitor.

The government Ministry paid at least 618,000 dollars in monthly salaries and 120,000 dollars in gratuity to the ghost pilot cum instructor of the Mi17 and Mi24 helicopter gunships according to the Sunday Monitor. It further says, that on October 2005, the Defence Ministry of Uganda entered into a two year renewable contract with a ‘ghost’ Russian Air Force pilot Valeria Ketrisk mandated to work as a pilot and pilot instructor for a monthly pay of 4,306 dollars. However, the salary was raised to 5,350 dollars in 2011 to 2015 when it was reduced to 5,150.

This information is part of a report released by a team appointed by the Chief Defence Forces to investigate the matter, triggered by “consistent reports pertaining to gross mismanagement of resources in the air force”.

According to the report several military officers and civilian employees attached to the Ministry conniving and negligent.

“While the contract is in the names of Valerie Ketrisk, a Russian national and male pilot Instructor, salaries and gratuities are paid to Keti Valerie SK,” the investigators wrote in their report, a copy of which Sunday Monitor has seen


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