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A Very Stable Eritrea and the Failed foreign policies of America.

A Very Stable Eritrea and the Failed foreign policies of America.
Every year for almost 15 years now the State department along with the United States Congress embark on an Eritrea bashing campaign instead of truly attempting to work closely with Eritrea on improving relations and stabilizing the horn of Africa region. Why Eritrea? Because as has been since its independence the only country in Africa and possibly the world attempting to make improvements by utilizing its “Self reliance” policy to develop a new strong nation may be Eritrea.
The American people who elect these so called “public servants” are fed up with the way business has been conducted in Foggy Bottom for a long time now. Lies after lies and to top it off using and abusing the very system that is suppose to be the people’s voice is instead “MUFFLED” as speakers are chosen to speak in front of congress without any background check.
As we Eritrean-Americans and I mean the “VAST MAJORITY” prepare to endure another attack on our land of origin we only learn that the USA has got serious problems and that its problems with foreign policy is a serious one. Under the Obama administration not even a single letter of congratulations go out from the President’s office to the people and government of Eritrea on their hard won independence. Shame as Eritrea is the symbol of freedom for the oppressed people of the world. Meanwhile, this so called first black president goes out of his way to visit Ethiopia, a land marred by violence, undemocratic behavior against its own people and a failed banana republic that the very state department has been baby sitting since time immemorial.
Eritrea a neglected regional threat. REALLY?
This is the title of another event taking place on Capitol Hill today and what a JOKE! To begin with, the panel of speakers testifying on behalf of Eritreans in the diaspora are people who have no clue what the makeup of the true Eritrean community in the diaspora is like. It is almost a waste of American tax payers money to allow a self proclaimed priest by the name of Habtu Gebreab who has abused the opportunities given him in this country to defame the very historic religious harmony that exists in Eritrea for centuries, while the second speaker is using a failed website as a foundation that was being funded by the current kangaroo minority leaders of Ethiopia who are worried about their own survival. We shall wait and see what The Honorable Linda Thomas–Greenfield, Assistant Secretary Bureau of African Affairs U.S. Department of State and Ms. Bronwyn Bruton Deputy Director Africa Center Atlantic Council have to say as they both have recently traveled to Eritrea and witnessed for themselves what Eritrea is all about.
Its time to come out of the cold and work with Eritrea before the fire burns the entire region into ashes and the only way to save the day is to go through “Asmara” where the stability and peace seems to have advanced Eritrea as a nation that has been able to build its war time economy without anyone’s assistance. Instead of engaging a FAKE PRIEST with a title “Director of External Relations Canonical Eritrean Orthodox Church in Diaspora” and a Board Member of a politically motivated hate filled Awate Foundation the US congress should listen and engage with the real majority of Eritrean diaspora that are lawyers, doctors, athletes and more. Please stop trying to bring panelists that serve the failed policy, as the United States congress will continue to become a laughing stoke of the world. For the record as a former professor of history at the University of Cincinnati, the self proclaimed priest was engaging in the illegal and unethical behavior of posting and submitting articles on behalf of a religious group that had written letters accusing Eritrea of being a terrorist state. Meanwhile, The second panelist happens to be in a small group of people that have a desire to see an Islamic republic of Eritrea and funded by the arch-enemy of Eritrea and the minority Ethiopian regime that is hated by the majority of the people’s of the horn of Africa. Using Eritrea’s hero “Hamid Idris Awate” as a cover the so called 4 people board are instigating hate and a constant attack against the very peace loving Muslim and Christian people of Eritrea who last week both celebrated their respective religious holiday in harmony.
U.S. foreign policy towards the horn of Africa exposes a consistent lack of statesmanship, ineffective methods of diplomacy and a disposition to use a minority regime that oppresses the innocent people of Ethiopia. Eritrea on the other hand is considered a radical and less-friendly regime to the U.S. simply because it is challenging U.S. political hegemony and wrong policy approach in the horn of Africa. As Eritrean-Americans we are hoping that the sub-committee hearing on Eritrea will not be one-sided as historically proven. Every time U.S. administration policies have been one-sided they have exhibited patterns that caused international catastrophes like what we are witnessing in the land of America’s biggest ally the minority regime of Ethiopia today.
Interference in internal affairs of nations and direct aggressive American involvement has not brought peace and stability to the world and as Eritrean-Americans the only thing we request is to just leave Eritrea alone as that is really not asking too much. We feel strongly about how the political system and the connection between the State Department and the US congress are wrong on Eritrea. The proof is in the pudding as we witness the internal war that is burning like an inferno in Ethiopia today, the only stable place with a potential economic growth is the State of Eritrea. Partnership and growth should be the way forward. Its time to speak the truth and understand that Eritrea is a nation that will stand up for the principles enshrined in the dignity of human rights for all.



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