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Somalia Will Work with Airspace Team in Kenya for Transitional Period

Mogadishu (HAN) December 29, 2017 – Public Diplomacy & Regional Airspace Security for Stability.

Somali government on Thursday officially regained its airspace for the first time in 27 years since the fall Somalia’s central government in 1990.

President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo termed the move a milestone saying Somalia finally succeeded to regain its airspace control after long struggle.

“It is a great honour for us to witness this historical day to get back the management and control of the country’s airspace. This success did not come per chance but through hard work and determination,” said thr president.

He commended minister for transport and civil aviation, Mohamed Abdullahi Salad for his tireless commitment.

“I want to thank all those who took part this to happen including minister for transport and civil aviation, all the staff facilitators in his ministry as well as ICAO which has been managing our airspace for long time,” he said.

Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Salad also apoke at event said the airspace will be controlled in Mogadishu as the country acquired modern equipment.

“Somalia will control its airspace from Mogadishu as from today in a better way than it was being controlled in Kenya’s capital Nairobi,” Salad described.

He highlighted that Somalia would work with a team in Kenya for transitional period.

“Our airspace control team will work with the team in Nairobi for a period of one and half months to make sure for smooth transition,” said the minister.

After fall of the government led by late Mohamed Siyad Barre in 1990s, the control of Somalia’s airspace was handed over to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and moved to the neighbouring country Kenya.

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