Is the International Criminal Court anti-Africa?

Nairobi (HAN) October 19, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Investment Initiative News. South Africa says the International Criminal Court is anti-Africa and has threatened to pull out. The African Union however says it is up to individual nations to make their independent choices. So, does the continent need the ICC? And how can justice can be served in the court’s absence.



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One response to “Is the International Criminal Court anti-Africa?”

  1. axmed

    No, it is not anti -African people. It is the only avenue people who live under the tyrannical rule of illegal dictators have. A list of those who do not like the court are : Mugabe, zimbabwe,Yaya Jame, Kenyata, Al Bashir, ZumZuma, SUSU, of Egypt , Whatever Eyahu of Israel , Morroco’ playboy, Uganda’s Museveni , The Saudi House of Horror, War criminals of Miyanmar, Modi’s Hindutva , Talibans, Ethiopia’s Junta , Afawerki of tiny Eritre real state. Intrenational criminal court is an irreplaceable institution to right the wrongs done to innocent people of the world by the criminal ruler of their respective countries.

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