Djibouti (HAN) December 26, 2018 . Regional infrastructure Investment. Turkish company will invest 3 billion Euros in three phases to build the biggest industrial park in Adi Gudem, Tigrai state. Manufacturing company Turkish Industry Holding is planning to invest €750m in the first phase of a world class great industrial park in Ethiopia’s Tigrai state. Sources Tigrai Online. Photo Ethiopia daily Post.

According to Global Construction Review the company includes six groups specializing in granite, steel, construction, MDF, paper and ceramic. Ozan Semerci, a board member of the developer, told GCR the plan was to develop the site in three stages. He said: “There will be 15 different factories which will be completed in three phases lasting five or six years. The first phase, which will have a value of €750m, will be four factories making ceramic, granite, paper and prefabricated housing systems.

“We will lay the foundation in March or April after which we are planning to finalise the first phase within two years. When we complete the final phases it will add up to the €2.8bn or €3bn investment.”

The industrial park site will be located in Adi Gudem town in southern Tigrai state. The report indicated construction will start next March and April 2019.

When completed the Adi Gudem industrial park will be five times bigger than the Mekelle industrial park which was built on 100 hectare and at a cost of 100 million USD. The Mekelle industrial park was inaugurated on July 9, 2017.

Source: Global Construction Review with Tigrai Online


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