ADDIS ABABA (HAN) October 26.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. By Zelalem Girma. A group of people comprising musicians, authors, communication experts and journalists visited the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway yesterday, and were inspired to see an engine to the country’s economic development, and in improving the well-being of the society.

Briefing the visitors, Ethiopian Railway Corporation Public Relations Director Dereje Tefera said that the second art of the railway, Sebeta-Meiso-Dewele railway project, has 16 railway stations serves as a means of shipping passengers and freight in a transportation lined from Djibouti to Ethiopia. It helps to reduce the time that previously reimburse five days into hours, he added.

Dereje also said that the trains have a capacity to lift 3,500 tons load. The freight and passenger trains also have a speed of 80 and 120-kms per hour respectively. The trains would start service within three or five months after providing trial services and getting international approval both for passenger and freight, Dereje said.

Sebeta-Meiso-Dewale Project Manager Eng. Michael Tefera said that as the Sebeta-Meiso railway line is 329-kms long, the first 110-kms has double track and remaining single. The train can accommodate 2,000 people at ones from Sebeta-Meiso-Dewale.

According to Eng. Michael, the trains have 1,171 locomotive and wagon parts comprising 35 electric and six diesel locomotives, 30 passenger coaches and 1,100 waggon levery kind of tank box, which are supplied by the China North Industries Corporation.

Representing Government Communication Affairs Office Abdurahman Nasir said that the visit aimed at acquainting communicators with the ongoing development endeavours, and enabling stakeholders interpret the efforts made to transform the country to industrialization. Apart from building the image of the country, it attracts investors to invest their resources in the sector, he added.

Artist Maheteme Haile lauded that it is very pleasing to see the Ethiopian advanced railway line reached this level. In the present fuel price fluctuation, it is very important to use electric power to transport goods and passengers.

Maheteme also said he is very impressed with the speed and comfort of the train which fulfilled every facility. Expanding railways across the country accelerates the growth of trade and the overall economic development, he added.

Ethiopian Musicians Association President Dawit Yifru said: “I am very pleased to be the first among my family to see this modern train. It is very significant to transport heavy cargo and to take long travel within a short period of time.”

The passengers coach has been classified into three parts. Of these, the hard bed could accommodate 118 people, bedrooms for 32 and 64 persons, two cafeterias.

The visit was organized by Government Communication Affairs Office.


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