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Ethiopia: Peace, Stability Improving in Mekele City

March 12.2021 Following the extensive works carried out by the Interim Administration of Tigray, the stability of the regional capital Mekele is improving, residents of the city said.

Resident of the city, Letebirhan Hintsa said the overall situation in the city has been improving since the establishment of the new administration.

There were problems related to disruption of electricity, telephone and bank services as well as businesses during the law enforcement operation in the region, she noted.

According to her, “many changes have taken place in terms of humanitarian assistance, peace and security since the establishment of the interim administration. All businesses are now open.”

In terms of security, “the defense force is maintaining peace in collaboration with youth and my message to the public is they need to protect their peace rather than believing the disinformation spread by the other side.”

Gebre Haftom on his part said establishment of the interim administration has solved many problems in the city, and other areas need to follow similar steps to strengthen the recent freedom they enjoy.

“The administration in the city is exerting maximum effort to pacify the city. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect that they could accomplish the task in such a short period. They are working hard and they need to be appreciated.”

The other resident, Gebre-Egzbier Haftu said the government needs to inform all about the  situation in the region. The media should therefore discharge its responsibility in a better way rather than complicating the problem.

“The government wants the people to live in peace and create a strong country. This is in the interest of the people of Ethiopia and the youth of Tigray as well. None of the youth and people of Tigray want to create unrest.”

Desta Kiros noted that it is sad that Tigray region is in crisis following the political conspiracy of some politicians.

“There are still media houses that propagate false information and propaganda. When we  struggle to ensure peace and stability in the region, the anti-peace elements disseminate distorted and fabricated information. If they genuinely care for Tigray, they should preach  peace instead of war that destroys people’s lives.”

Some residents finally raised their concern that distribution of humanitarian assistance must be undertaken in a proper and correct way.






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