Ethiopia: Geeska Daily,Sudanese Journalists visit GERD & More

Sudanese Journalists visit GERD

An 11 member team of Sudanese journalists have arrived in Addis Ababa on Sunday (April 10) to visit GERD. The team welcomed at Bole International Airport by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ato Tewolde Mulugeta. Ato Tewolde said the construction of the dam considers shared benefits of the three countries Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt and the visit by the Sudanese journalists helps create awareness. He added the grand project will also help encourage closer people to people connection between the two nations. He also noted that such visits would create better understanding about the affirmative effects of the dam. This would be the third time for Sudanese Journalists to visit GERD.

Ghanaian President: The Ethio-Ghana relation is transforming into a new chapter

Acknowledging that the bilateral talks with the visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister were successful, President of the Republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama said Ghana’s relation with Ethiopia is transforming into a new chapter, opening further areas of engagements in development, trade and investment. The President also said his country is keen to learn from Ethiopia’s experience in fighting terrorism. He revealed Ghana will send security officials and other personnel to Ethiopia to emulate Ethiopia’s best experience in foiling acts of terrorism. He said Ethiopia’s efforts in stabilizing Somalia and ensuring peace and stability at home sets a good example for other countries. He further expressed his admiration for the rapid transformation of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.  He said any visitor to Addis Ababa would be impressed with the giant strides being made in the modernization of the capital, including the recent launch of the light rail transport system. “We shall keenly follow your progress as you go into the second phase of the growth and transformation plan, which is designed to lead Ethiopia into middle income status by 2025,” he added

The Omani Products Exhibition 2016 opened in Addis

The Omani Products Exhibition (Opex) 2016 which would take place from April 11 to April 14, opened in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today (April 11) at the Millennium Hall. The Ethiopia’s capital was selected to be this year’s destination of Opex due to its promising and stimulating market where significant opportunities are available for the investors. More than 100 Omani firms representing various industries are participating in the event; natural resources, minerals, wood products, manufacturing products, furniture, food, medical and pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, plastic and metal equipment, perfume, leather, and logistics.

Ethiopia to take part in Expo 2017

State Minister Ambassador Taye Aske-Silassie received H.E Mr. Ryan Yerenov, Head of Expo 2017 secretariat and Deputy Commissioner of Kazakhstan in his offices today (April 11, 2016).  The Deputy Commissioner thanked ambassador Taye for receiving him and stated that Kazakhstan will host a specialized energy expo10 June to September 2017, under the logo “Expo 2017” where about 100 member countries and 10 international organizations are expected to participate.

He explained the expo will be held under the theme of “Future Energy” and under sub themes of reducing CO2 emissions, living energy efficiency and energy for all. He stated the purpose of the Expo is to create overarching global awareness, at institutional, corporate and individual levels with the view to develop responsible, sustainable energy policies and technologies. He further said 22 African countries are invited to attend and 15 have already confirmed their participation. He then asked the State Minister weather it was possible to get official confirmation on Ethiopia’s participation.

State Minister Ambassador Taye welcomed the invitation and stated how valuable it is for Ethiopia to participate in the conference.  He said Ethiopia can use this opportunity to showcase some of the energy projects it is currently working on and can also use this expo as a means of getting experiences from different countries. The State Minister also gave briefings on Ethiopia’s climate resilient green economy strategy and the adequate focus given to the development of renewable energy. He added the ministry will encourage other governmental institutions as well as private entities and corporations to participate in this expo.




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