ADDIS ABABA (HAN) September 7.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The 16th African Real Estate Society (AFRES) Conference was kicked off at the UNECA Conference Center here yesterday.

The conference held for the first time in Addis is themed :  “Sustainable Multi-Sectoral Real Estate Development in Emerging Economies.”

The Conference discusses emerging trends in the development of real state, especially in upcoming economies, involving innovative strategies for harnessing the actual and latent potential of the sector.

It is believed that the conference which will run September 5-9, 2016 will provide common platforms for sharing international experiences on best practices and challenges in the real estate development.

Addis Ababa University Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development Department Head Wondwosen Demirew said the conference will support in recognizing challenges in real estate development in Ethiopia including knowledge gap and lack of professionals in the field.

The real estate development sector in the country is significantly growing in terms of building, market and business activities while skilled human capital in the field is still at low performance, Wondwosen said.

The head expressed conviction that the conference will address the challenges through providing the opportunity for professionals, academics and major stakeholders in the real estate industry to brainstorm.

Ethiopia will learn a lot from the best experiences presented at the conference that would help it improve its practices in the field, he added.

Organizers believe that real estate development in emerging economies is not well developed and needs coordinated efforts of different sectors.

They call for sustaining the development of the real estate in such economies which is considered one of important development issues facing the developed world.

The annual conference is believed to serve as continuing professional development program for participants.


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