Ethiopia: Efforts to Resolve Eritrean Border Dispute

Addis Ababa (HAN) May 28, 2014 – Regional diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Yemen were inaugurated before the 2nd World War in 1935.  Dr. Tedros Adhanom met last week in his office  President Abdu Rebu Mansour Hadi in Sana’a following the conclusion of the Fifth Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting. Discussions centered on matters related to bilateral and regional affairs of common concern and interest.

President Mansour Hadi welcomed Dr. Tedros and characterized Ethiopia Yemen relations as historic and deep-rooted. Dr. Tedros briefed President Hadi on Ethiopia’s efforts to resolve the Ethiopia Eritrea border dispute, pointing out that Ethiopia consistently stressed the importance of negotiation and dialogue to resolve the issue.

However, he said, the Government of Eritrea persistently disregarded the logic of reason, dialogue and negotiation and attached greater significance to the logic of might and conflict. He affirmed that Ethiopia was always open and willing to participate in sustained dialogue and constructive discussion. Dr. Tedros also explained that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was a landmark in Ethiopia’s march towards prosperity and sustainable development, adding that the GERD would contribute greatly to the transformation of the economies and societies of all Nile Basin countries including Egypt.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom underlined that Ethiopia was committed to genuine negotiations with Egypt in order to address the concerns of Egypt, and underlined that Ethiopia was always prepared to follow the path of equitable and reasonable utilization of the water resources of the Nile for the realization of shared benefits and a win-win approach.


According to the Ethiopian Official Page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ethiopia and The Republic of Yemen have deep rooted and symbiotic historical and cultural relations signified by the shared legends of the Queen of Sheba and Abraha, a viceroy for the Emperors of Axum in the 6th century. Indeed, relations between the two countries are so rich in all aspects that one can only mention the highlights. There is a strong resemblance in terrain and in the architectural design of buildings both in Yemen and in various parts of Ethiopia, underlining the strong ties between the two countries. Geez and Sabean alphabets are very similar, emphasizing the long and strong cultural relations. The free movement of people from one to the other since ancient times has made the assimilation of the peoples of the two countries both possible and easy. Today, there are thousands of Ethiopians living in different parts of Yemen; at the same time many Yemenis live in Ethiopia. The presence of the Yemeni Community School in Addis Ababa is one indication of this fact. It plays a substantive role in strengthening people-to-people relations. Yemenis have not forgotten that Ethiopia provided a place of sanctuary for many Yemenis during the rule of the Imams after the 2nd World War before the Yemen Arab Republic was set up in 1962. In turn, Ethiopia is deeply indebted to those Yemeni troops who came to fight for Ethiopia to help stop the aggression of Siad Barre, the then dictator of Somalia, in 1977-78.


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3 Responses to “Ethiopia: Efforts to Resolve Eritrean Border Dispute”

  1. Qomal A99ame

    Why waste time it is final binding all they need to do is demarcate the border there is no such if and but. The regime in Ethiopia is in death bed sooner or later will go down and Ethiopia will break up in three pieces.

    1. elias

      weyani is cheating saying dialogue…their master american policy is still in place.America obama cant go to putin…they know is clearly suicide…they cant play with the tigers’ tails…
      they go africa and ethiopia with aids and weapons to kill eritrean like the same as 40 years.
      The worst is those eritrean who sold their sole and serve weyani and us/cia/..aye crim

  2. Samuel

    the Eritreans are only saying lets implement the peace agreement which was termed as final and binding which was again further marked virtually on the ground as its because of the minority regime in Ethiopia had refused. So where do you think is negotiation needed ?

    Can you put the cart before that of the horse.?

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