An Ethiopian- Turkish deal that mulled creation of a salt manufacturing industry has come to fruition with the establishment of a $13.5 million plant covering 50,000 square meters at the Afar regional state in Northern Ethiopia.

Currently, the manufacturing company has the capacity to create more than 300 job opportunities. This figure will reach 8,000 when the company becomes operational at its full capacity.

The company aims to provide iodised salt to local chemical industries, as well as meeting the local demand and bringing significant improvements to the export market.

In terms of production, the factory has capacity to provide 1,000tn of iodised salt and up to 140,000tn of salt for industries on a daily basis.

The Afar region is the major supplier of salt in Ethiopia, specifically Afdera, producing three-quarters of the country’s total.

Many studies indicate that more than 250,000tn of salt is consumed annually in Ethiopia.


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