Addis Ababa, October 13, 2020 – Ministry of Defense announced army’s better position to carry out any mission in line with protecting welfare of the nation.

The Defense Minister, Dr. Kenea Yadeta, while tabling first quarter plan performance of the Ministry, said the army has witnessed a growing recognition, and proven its impartial position in serving interests of the public and the country at large.

Ethiopia should invest on its defense sector to protect its people

The army has been discharging its responsibilities in a nonpartisan manner adherent to its constitutional mandate, he noted. According to the Minister, the National Defense Force is working in collaboration with the Federal Police and regional security forces to maintain law and order across the country.

Various capacity building activities have been carried out to upgrade proficiency of the army in using up to date technologies for better performances, the minister added.

Activities are underway in the military diplomacy sector to reinforce regional integration and maintain peace and stability in the area, the minister added.


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