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Eritrea: The Role of International Tourism Show

Asmara (HAN) March 6, 2015 – Public Diplomacy, Regional Trade and Tourism news. The International Tourism Bourse is organized annually and 174000 people joined in this Trade Show. ITB BERLIN 2015 is known as the significant Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition that will cope with the topics of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality.

The Eritrean government is taking part in the annual International Tourism Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, for the 10th time, according to the Eritrean Embassy.

Eritrea is staging a pictorial show at the exhibition featuring the nation’s natural resources, culture and values, in addition to food, works of handicrafts and traditional coffee ceremony, among others.

The Exhibition organized by the Eritrean Embassy in Germany was inaugurated by Mr. Yohannes Woldu, Charge d’affaires in the Eritrean Embassy in the country.

Eritrean pamphlets and posters by the Ministry of Tourism and the Eritrean Embassy highlighting the nation’s tourism resources are being handed to visitors of the exhibition.

Berlin International Tourism Exhibition is one of the world’s major shows, and that a total of 10,000 tourism institutions from 180 states are participating in the current exhibition.

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3 Responses to “Eritrea: The Role of International Tourism Show”

  1. Alem k.

    The following article was posted in 2013, and lets see what has been changed in Eritrea since then.
    1-A concrete evidence came to light that ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal junta are not only cold blooded murderers but petty thief’s, stealing in the amount of 700 million and stashing it in Swiss bank.
    2- Between 2013 and 2014 the criminal regime of Isayas Afeworki strangled more than 20 of his sitting duck high ranking officials. (purging of 2015 in progress)
    3- The drug addict cold blooded murderer is flexing his muscle to scrap our ratified 1997 constitution.
    4-The unelected criminal regime is trying to strip away our birth right, our citizenship.

    “Eritrea Has ‘At Least 10,000′ Political Prisoners, Reports Amnesty International
    Agence France Presse
    Posted: 05/09/2013 10:45 am EDT Updated: 07/09/2013 5:12 am EDT

    Eritrea’s hardline regime has jailed at least 10,000 political prisoners, many in “unimaginably atrocious conditions”, rights group Amnesty International said in a report Thursday criticising the situation in the Red Sea state.
    With political opposition banned, independent media quashed and religious minorities targeted, the ex-rebel government uses a system of underground cells and shipping containers to house the
    prisoners, the report read.
    “The government has systematically used arbitrary arrest and detention without charge to crush all opposition, to silence all dissent, and to punish anyone who refuses to comply with the repressive restrictions it places on people’s lives,” said Claire Beston, Amnesty’s Eritrea researcher.
    The report says “at least 10,000” prisoners have “disappeared into secret and incommunicado detention” in the Horn of Africa nation, but warns it is impossible to know the exact figure.
    The report was released ahead of Eritrea’s celebrations of 20 years of independence on May 24, which followed an overwhelmingly vote by the people to split from arch-foe Ethiopia after years of bitter war.
    Eritrean rebels battled far better equipped Ethiopian troops — backed first by the United States, then the Soviet Union — for three decades until victory in 1991, which was followed by a referendum two years later.
    A subsequent border conflict with Ethiopia from 1998-2000 still simmers, which analysts say Asmara uses as an excuse for its continued iron-rule.
    “Twenty years on from the euphoric celebrations of independence, Eritrea is one of the most repressive, secretive and inaccessible countries in the world,” Beston added.
    Opposition parties are banned and anyone who challenges President Issaias Afeworki is jailed without trial, often in the harshest of conditions.
    Reporters Without Borders lists Eritrea below North Korea as the worst country in the world for press freedom.
    “In the vast majority of cases, the prisoners’ families are not informed of their whereabouts, and often never hear from their relative again after they are arrested,” Amnesty added. “Torture — for punishment, interrogation and coercion — is widespread.”
    There was no immediate response from Asmara.
    Copyright (2013) AFP. All rights reserved”.

  2. Berhane

    Every African government has its own issues but what you calimed or what the articles you mentoned claim is way baised and one sided..who counted there are 10,000 political prisoners? Every country has prisners my own family were in prison in Asmara but release.once they served thier time could there be political prisoners in Eritrea yes of course. .again yiur number is pure also don’t have proof of the recent suez bank leak.. however I”d like the money back to Eritrea if indeed the money was taken out of Eritrea if it prooved individuals/politicians were responsible.

    another point I’d like to make is that you are posting comments like above, on article about “tourism” typical desperatre opposition style shouting fault and rant like a child wherever possible…fine by me.if you oppose the GOE but your actions undermine Eritrea and it is survival however…Eritrea will survive you and the GOE while not the perfect government by any measure will pass on Eritrea on a reasonably good shape….you talk like Eritrea does not have any challenges but all faults are because of “Isayas” this makes you the typical historical opposition with a history of hatred for those who succeeded in bringing a nation forth and stump Eritreanism firm on the ground..for some us in fact the majority.. that is all we know we are Eritreans and nothing more and mothing less but individuals like ranting everywhere against everything that is Eritrea even tourism for gods sake is a place to comment politics …you know no bound by now most politically astute or the aberage person like me know who you guys are ..well most of you we will work with GOE for change and that is happening but will never work with your type for a change as you wish is change by any means..nop.

    1. Alem K

      My friend have you heard about proof reading before posting.

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