ASMARA Sister Hiwet Niguse, head of TB Control at the Ministry of Health, indicated that there is commendable awareness of the public on TB, its prevention and treatment.

In her statement, Sister Hiwot elaborated that owing to the remarkable achievement registered in the awareness raising campaign and treatment conducted the prevalence of the diseases has significantly been reduced.

Stating that full recovery of patient is the best way of prevention of the disease, Sister Hiwot furher said that patients are provided treatment through direct supervision for better outcome.  She also said that the village health representatives are making significant contribution to that respect.

Regarding the Merhano Hospital, that was put in place in 2011 for the TB patients that are resistant to drug, Sister Hiwet said that 78% of patients treated in the hospital were fully recovered and that the rate of recovery is far above the goal set by the WHO.


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