Eritrea: President Isayas Afwerki Appoints New Chief of Staff

Djibouti (HAN) March 20, 2014 – Eritrea Appoints New Chief of Staff. President Isayas Afwerki named Major General Philipos Woldeyohannes as the Eritrea’s Chief of staff.  The appointment followed after the late Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, Major General Gerezgheri “Wuchu” passed away two weeks ago.
General Philipos is one of the most prominent and decorated commanders with in the Eritrean armed forces ever since the liberation struggle. The President also appointed Mr. Woldemichael Abraha to serve as the next Minister of Local Governments.  Prior to his new assignment, Mr. Woldemikael was serving as Minister of Transport and Communications. It is to be recalled that the late Mr. Woldemichael Gebremariam, Minister of Local Government, passed away in Keren during his return from a working visit in Gash-Barka on the 4th of August 2013.
Since his sudden death, the ministry was run by the General Managing Director, Ambassador Mahmoud Ali Hurui. Although Eritrea has no post of Vice President, according to government structures, Minister of Local Government acts as the head of State while the President is away. The appointment and duties of both the Chief of Staff and Minister of Local Government will take effect immediately. Source: TesfaNews

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  1. TesfaNews

    the article. In this case TesfaNews. Thanks you.

  2. Alem

    I wonder how long will it be before this guy got thrown into jail or killed by the dictator.
    I hope he will be smart enough to overthrow the drug addict maniac and hand over power to the true owners people of Eritrea.

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