ASMARA (HAN) February 5, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. The college started to offer service with the joining of 475 students who attended their first year education at Eritrea Institute of Technology. The college has now equipped a number of students with professional skills in different agricultural studies. The unremitted effort that continued to be exerted has contributed too much towards achieving food security.

The college has been offering courses in Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, and Veterinary Science among others. In the 8th commencement, the college graduated 219 students with degrees, 178 with diplomas and the 13 are with Master Degrees.

An expansion project of Eritrea’s largest college, the Eritrea Institute of Technology in Mai Nefhi, is ongoing. The first phase of the 33 million dollar project will include a new library, dormitories, four laboratories and a master plan campus. The project is being financed by the Government of Eritrea and People’s Republic of China.

Hamelmalo College of Agriculture

The new building recently received newly constructed laboratories, lecture hall and office complex buildings.

Hamelmalo College 6 Hamelmalo College 7 Hamelmalo College 5 Hamelmalo College 2 Hamelmalo College 4 Hamelmalo College 3 Hamelmalo College College of Science and institute of Technology 2


College of Science and Arts

Adi Keih College of Science and Arts - Eritrea Adi Keih College of Science and Arts Eritrean college

Photos by: Redi Tad




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