ASMARA(HAN) February 6, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. At a meeting in Dongolo Lailai, the Minister of Local Government, Mr. Woldenkiel Abraha, called on Governors of regional administrations and Sub Zonal administrators to enhance partnerships with stakeholders in efforts to strengthen socio-economic development.

Mr. Woldenkiel explained that neither individuals nor villages have exclusive right over land ownership, apart from usage. Accordingly, administrative services should be in place in light of this directive.

The Minister also pointed out that the stage for transforming traditional farming practices into modern ones has been reached, thereby helping achieve sustainable food security.

Additionally, Board heads of the Fisheries Department, Cartography and Information Centre, National Livestock and Crops Corporation, Forestry and Wildlife Authority, and representatives of the Tourism, Trade and Industry Ministries presented reports pertaining to their respective activities.




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