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Eritrea: Inside Eritrea’s Bisha mines (VIDEO)

It isn’t always easy to do business in Eritrea but the Bisha mines, a joint Eritrean-Canadian operation, are an exception. They are also a bright spot for Eritrea’s economy and have contributed more than 800 million dollars to the state’s coffers.

The mines, a five-hour drive from the capital Asmara towards the Sudanese border, are Eritrea’s first mines in full production and the authorities hope they can boost the economy in a country where people earn an average of just three US dollars a day.

Jointly owned by the Eritrean state and Canadian company Nevsun, the mines first produced gold and are now yielding copper and zinc. There are hopes there could be more minerals to extract in the region.

Senior planning engineer Abdoulkarim Sidibe, from Mali, is among the foreign workers employed on the site.

But to work in Eritrea you have to accept certain conditions.


“The main objective of the state is to train Eritrean workers so after some time they’ll replace the expatriates,” he says. “If I want to extend my contract I need to train Eritreans.”

Eritrea says it hopes to have four mines in operation by 2018 as it seeks to exploit the country’s rich mineral deposits.



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3 Responses to “Eritrea: Inside Eritrea’s Bisha mines (VIDEO)”

  1. axmed

    disappearing mountains ,underpaid workers , desperate ruling Hamasen criminal cartels with bank accounts off-shore hideaways , asylum seeking population on the move to every direction of the globe, is what the ruling criminals made out of my beloved Eritrea .

    1. feto

      kkkkkk deha agame ..why don’t stand with Ethiopian ppl when weyane killing oromo and amhara ppl ..when weyane genoicding welkayete ppl to steal their land and give a land to sudan from gonder…where is gone hide weyane and their followers after weyane removed from power…

  2. axmed

    The biggest concentration camp in Eritrea owned by Canada and run by the HAMASEN security guards. SHAME . This nothing short of SLAVE CAMP .

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