Eritrea: Food security Strategy attests to Isaias Afwerki’s new Policies

Asmara (HAN) October 15, 2014. Public Diplomacy and National security news. The Eritrean Ambassador to the European Union, Ambassador  Negasi Kassa, said that the achievements being registered towards ensuring food security attest to the Government’s sound policies and strategy. He made the remarks at a meeting with Eritrean nationals residing in the Dutch city of Amsterdam and environs.

Ambassador Negasi also gave briefings focusing on the objective situation in the Homeland and the region, as well as the pace of the national development programs implemented on the basis of the self-reliance policy. He further stressed the need to build strong economy.

The participants of the meeting reiterated readiness step up participation in State affairs on the basis of higher organization and awareness.


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2 Responses to “Eritrea: Food security Strategy attests to Isaias Afwerki’s new Policies”

  1. Alem

    Are you talking about the policies of the dictator,
    —– detaining and killing of thousands of innocent Eritreans without due process, or
    ——the endless modern day slavery of our youngsters for worthless cause, or
    ——shutting down our independent newspapers, or
    ——betraying your people and clinging to power for 24 years of tyranny, or
    ——creating division and distrust among your people, or
    ——isolating your people and your country from the world community or may be can it be the winning policy of the criminal dictator ISAYAS controlling and reducing the consumption of WATER and ELECTRICITY by limiting the usage to few days in a week.
    I guess lining up for hours to get three loves of bread and paying ridiculous price for basic necessities like tomato and potato is considered food security.
    DEKI ERITREA you be the judge and you know better what the reality in our Eritrea is, crises, hunger, no human dignity, no freedom, lack of basic services, torture, torment, even our elders got disrespected on their own land and it is funny this criminals are still talking about self reliance, food security, nation building. After wiping out the whole young generation, Securing food, and building a nation…… for WHO????
    Do you know our young generation will be UNEDUCATED and will be with NO FAMILY VALUES. The time that they were supposed to be getting an education, and the time of their transition to adulthood, when they were supposed to be learning the basics of family value and leadership from their parents, the DICTATOR who know it all pack them up in a military camp (SAWA) and converting them into uneducated zombies.
    DEKI HAGER we need to wake up this is a serious crises. For a reason I don’t understand still we are scared of something and I don’t know what. If it is the dictator and his criminal thugs, they are just ONLY OLD criminal individuals with guns and the worst they can do is kill and they are doing that already. It is better to die with your freedom and dignity than living in fear and slavery.
    SMERRR wedi hager
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea. OUR PEOPEL COME FIRST.

    1. Eritrawi

      Eritrea and Eritreans, dont need tribalists/regionalists financed by the Ethiopian Gov, its also called betray like the PFDJ = SMERR.

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