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Eritrea: Elections,Conservation campaign, Annual assessment At the Eritrean Embassy & More


Eritrean Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conducts annual assessment meeting

Asmara, 2 March 2016 – The Eritrean Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) conducted its annual assessment meeting in the capital Riyadh on 26 February 2016.The Eritrean Ambassador to the Kingdom, Mr. Mohammed Omar Mahmoud, said that the meeting aimed to enhance relations and transparency between the Embassy and the Eritrean community in Saudi Arabia.

The Head of Consular Affairs Department at the Eritrean Embassy in Riyadh, Ms. Weini Gerezghiher, presented details of the Consul’s services to citizens in KSA and its neighboring countries, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Jordan. She further commended the active participation of nationals, particularly those living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Pointing out problems faced by women working within insecure places through illegal brokers in the Kingdom, Ms. Weini underlined the need for concerted action to be taken in order to overcome challenges.


Election of Area Administrators and Work Managers conducted in Mendefera sub-zone

Asmara, 2 March 2016 – An election of area administrators, work managers and Land Management Committee has been conducted in Mendefera sub-zone, Southern region from February 23rd – 26th. The election was conducted in 15 administrative areas and 68 villages of Mendefera.The Administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Abraham Hagos, commended the previous area administrators for their successful implementation of Government outlined development programs, and he called on the winners of the elections to live up to these expectations.


Gedged: Soil and water conservation campaign

Asmara, 2 March 2016 – The inhabitants of Gedged district area, Shieb sub-zone have conducted successful soil and water conservation projects towards combating soil erosion, ensuring food security, and boosting incomes.

During the popular campaigns, locals have constructed a 2.5 km-long trench and 3 meter-long wall to upgrade farmlands damaged during last year’s rainy season.

Noting that the rivers that flow from the highlands have often caused considerable damage to their farmlands, the inhabitants reiterated their readiness to finalize the campaign before the current rainy season sets in.

Mayor of Shieb sub-zone, Mr. Mohamed Ashkerai, commended local participants for their active contributions to the campaign.

According to report, the residents of the Northern and Southeren Mensheb administrative areas have also conducted similar campaigns.


Eritreans living in UK and the US conduct public meeting


Asmara, 2 March 2016 – Eritreans living in the UK and the US held a public meeting recently, underscoring their commitment for the implementation of national programs in the homeland.

Eritrea’s Ambassador to UK and Northern Ireland, Mr. Estifanos Habetmariam, said that the popular resistance waged by the people of Eritrea is currently taking visible form, witnessed through the increased number of citizens in attendance at the meeting.

Attendants at the meeting reiterated their unreserved commitment for Eritrea’s ongoing national development programs.

In the US meeting, Ms. Hadinet Qeleta, head of ERI-COM affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in the US, said that the ongoing development programs in Eritrea are establishing a firm foundation for a bright future and she called for the continued dedicated contribution of nationals living in the US.

Mr. Dawit Haile, head of ERI-COM Chicago, detailed the achievements of Eritrea’s development programs and outlined the successful efforts of nationals who have helped correct Eritrea’s image abroad.


Diaspora supports construction of Mai-Sheka water project


Asmara, 2 March 2016 – Residents of Mai-Sheka that are currently living abroad have mobilized financial support towards alleviating local water supply demands.

Reports indicate that a 10 meter deep water well is currently being dug.

Inhabitants said that the previous well had dried out and that the new well has already shown ample water supply. They further called for the administration’s commitment in the finalization of the water project.



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