Eritrea: Council of Eritrean Americans National Common Vision for 2015

Denver (HAN) January 27, 2015- Public diplomacy and Weekly Diaspora community issues. The National Council of Eritrean Americans (NCEA) presented three peppers to the leaders & members of the Eritrean Americans civic organizations, as why and how to establish the Local Council of Eritrean Americans (LCEA) in Denver- Colorado. It was a full day workshop, where they conducted in depth, their discussion to set and how to achieve their programs for 2015.

Eritrean-American civic organizations in Denver assert readiness to serve with dedication in State affairs 

The Common National Vision on the current situation was attended by PFDJ, YPFDJ, NUEW and PFDJ-II of Denver, Colorado as they gathered and the theme of – Harmony in Vision, Vanguard in Action– were they participated actively in the workshop led by special guest Ms. Hadnet Keleta.

Ms. Hadnet Keleta was able to conduct a through presentation to the Eritrea community in Colorado about the current developments in Eritrea and the region. Where the attended engaged in a very informative gathering, by addressing many subjects concern the peace process, socioeconomic, and political being of their beloved country Eritrea.


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One response to “Eritrea: Council of Eritrean Americans National Common Vision for 2015”

  1. Alem K

    I hope on your next meeting will refocus your priorities and ask the most important questions.
    1- why thousands our brothers and sisters decaying in prison with out due process?
    2- Why our Eritrea is still under the rule of a transitional government for 24 years?
    3- Who gave the authority to the criminal dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI to kill our constitution?
    4-What is the benefit of the slavery (agelglot) and is it stated any where in our constitution?
    5-When will the transitional government hand over power to the democratically elected government?

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