CNN’s Zain Asher visits Ethiopian Aviation Academy where students from all over the continent receive training in everything from piloting to maintenance.



    Firing an employee or hiring unqualified employee because of his/her political stand is a common phenomena for all ethnic groups in all government offices. Boycotting Ethiopian is easy for those of us who have the privilege to choose among a multitude of carriers. However, think of an Ethiopian who is fired from his/her job, denied loan, denied agricultural inputs, made not to run his/her business and so on because of their political stance,can they boycott their country? It is a common problem for all Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic group,creed, religion and place of residence. Therefore, we need to come up with a more stronger resistance which has a meaningful impact rather than boycotting because the major customers of Ethiopian for international flight are not Ethiopians but Woyanes who ateal money from Ethiopia and deposit it in the bank accounts worldwide.


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