ADDIS ABABA (HAN) May 10.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The government has attached due attention for the expansion of sugar industries in recent years. The industry is expected to play crucial role in creation jobs, satisfying the domestic markets and exporting to earn foreign currency in the Second Growth and Transformation Plan.

The Ethiopian Sugar Corporation presented its nine-month performance report to the Public Development Organizations Affairs Standing Committee of the House of People’s Representatives yesterday. Committee members raised questions as regards what the Corporation has been doing to overcome the challenges.

While presenting the report Corporation Chief Executive Officer Endawok Habte

said the corporation has met only 65 per cent of its plan in the reported period due to various constraints.

With regards to the irrigation infrastructure construction the CEO said it has been accomplished 73.12 per cent while the sugar cane plantation limited to 57 per cent.

According to him, lack of spare parts, skilled human resource, finance and foreign currency and capacity limitation of the leadership were the major challenges the corporation faced in the reported period.

The CEO further outlined the increment of lose of sugar, inadequate supply of sugarcane, outdated machinery and lack of maintenance, frequent power interruption, lack of fertilizer, water in the dry season as an aggravating factors to the situation.

However, Endawok said the corporation is doing its level best to address the problems and took various measures in these regard. As part of this effort, to address the shortage of water the corporation discussed the issue with the pertinent Awash River Basin Authority.

He said with regard to shortage of spare parts the corporation has already allocated significant budget for the importation of spare parts.

Responding to MPs questions Endawok said that the corporation is trying to address the challenges with stakeholders. Hopefully, he said the corporation would work closely to complete the projects.

Members of the standing committee called on the corporation to work closely with stakeholders with a view to enhancing its performance to attain its targets.


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