DJIBOUTI(HAN) November 13, 2015. Public Diplomacy & regional Security. The Commander of US Africa Command, Gen. David M. Rodriguez, conducted a courtesy visit with Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenés at Ministry Headquarters, Nov 12.

During the meeting, the Minister and the General analyzed the security situation in North Africa and the Sahel, regions in which Spain has increased both its military and diplomatic efforts.

The two officials also discussed the common and growing concerns about instability in Libya, and its impact on neighboring countries.

The military cooperation between Spain and the United States is the strongest it has been in recent years.

This momentum, which motivated mutual congratulation between Morenés and Rodriguez, should continue, according to both officials, with special emphasis on conducting more joint exercises between US and Spanish units, and on the training of both countries’ military personnel.

This courtesy visit is another example of the renewed momentum demonstrated by both countries, and realized through recent visits by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, and Secretary of State John Kerry, and the continued and dynamic development of the amendment to the Defense Cooperation Agreement between Spain and the US.

Source: africom


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